So, an old friend has re-emerged in my life and as a direct result I am now working on scripts again.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve seriously focused on screenplays and the like, and it makes for an interesting break from the stories I usually write.  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

The reason for the mixed feelings is that things went so very wrong last time we went this route.  It wasn’t the fact that the projects we worked on together didn’t get off the ground, that was just… well, life really.  Sometimes things don’t work.  the problem last time was that I and another writing friend were sort of left in the dark about everything.  We were told good news, good news, good news, then no news, no news, no news.  We tried to contact people, tried to find out what was going on, and nobody would talk to us.  we just sat there, twiddling our thumbs, waiting and waiting.  When somebody finally did talk to us, they gave us a cheery view of things, said not to worry, and then we didn’t hear anything for months and months.  next thing you know, the whole thing fell apart and we were never sure why.  Because nobody talked to us.

That’s my fear now, being kept out of the loop.  If all comes to naught… well, that’s life.  But damn it, don’t let the world fall apart without ever letting me know it’s happening.

My writer friend, the one who also got left out in the cold, is even more concerned about this than I am.  He things I might be making a mistake by trusting my old friend again.  But only time will tell.